Customer Referrals

If you enjoy working with Concensus... Earn cash for business referrals!*

We are looking for any type of company with at least 5 employees that could use our:

  • Managed Services and Support
  • Identity and Access Management Software, Services and Support

We know that referrals are a critical part of building business relationships; we also know that great they can come from anyone at any time.  

All you have to do is submit the following form.  If the customer becomes a client of Concensus Technologies we will compensate you within their first 90 days!


*  Referring party may elect to apply referral proceeds to products or services provided by Concensus Technologies

Submit a Referral

Include details like which industry, number of employees and any pain points they may have.
Enter the Company's Name


How Do We receive Compensation?

  • This referral program is open to any person or company not affiliated with Concensus Technologies
  • Depending on your organization we will either compensate you with a visa gift card or on your next Concensus invoice.
  • A minimum of $1500 in product or services is required
  • If the referral becomes an Concensus Care Managed Services Customer we will compensate you with 50% of the first months value.  For Example if the monthly fee is $1000 /month you will receive $500.00
  • If the referral spends over $10,000 on project labor within the first 90 days as a client, you will receive an additional bonus of $750.