How to Purchase

ConcensusTM Technologies is a Reseller Partner with many leading software and hardware manufacturers and is able to offer you a wide variety of benefits including product depth and choice, volume pricing, implementation services and professional consulting services. In addition, we also manufacture several of our own software products under the ConcensusTM brand.

Purchases for software and hardware products can be made using one of the following methods:

  1. Directly from ConcensusTM Technologies.
  2. From the DIR or PEPPM National Cooperative Purchasing Contracts listed below.*
  3. ConcensusTM branded software can be purchased directly OR from Authorized Reseller of ConcensusTM Technologies.

*The DIR and PEPPM programs enable State agencies and other qualified organizations to place orders directly with pre-qualified vendors like ConcensusTM Technologies.

DIR Approved Vendor

The Department of Information Resources (DIR) provides statewide leadership and oversight for management of government information and communications technology.

The agency was created in 1989 when the Texas Legislature enacted Chapter 2054, Texas Government Code—the Information Resources Management Act. Since that time, the scope of responsibilities increased within Chapter 2054 with the addition of sub-chapters F, I, J, and K, which address the state electronic Internet portal, and sub-chapter L that addresses the consolidation of data center services.

Two additional sections of the Texas Government Code (TGC) address security requirements (TGC Chapter 2059) and communications technology services (TGC Chapter 2170).

DIR has served in a leadership role to facilitate the state’s economic competitiveness through its ability to deliver quality information resources commodities and services at the lowest prices and best value for state and local government as well as the K–12 public and higher education systems.

PEPPM Approved Vendor

PEPPM is a national technology bidding and purchasing program. For more than two decades, the PEPPM Program has been a trusted partner to educational agencies.

PEPPM technology bids allow technology buyers and purchasing agents to rely on our expertise in technology bidding. Instead of running a formal sealed bid, you can leverage the results of the PEPPM bid process to focus on making a timely transaction on favorable terms at a competitive price resulting in faster access to technology products for students, teachers and administrators.

Buyers familiar with PEPPM know that the pricing offered through PEPPM has been through a respected, thorough and competitive process. The bid is specifically constructed to provide excellent pricing and the flexibility necessary for technology procurement.